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Gordon Setters
LeSueur River Vera
LeSueur River Vera

LeSueur River Vera
Sired by 2X NAFC Ice Hot's Cobb.
Littermate to Field Champion Cobb's Golden Kernel

Vera is a young dog with some of the most natural pointing ability we have seen from any breed.  She has been awesome on ruffed grouse and ringnecks this past fall. 

               LeSueur River Lily

LeSueur River Lily

Lily placed fourth in the 2008 MN Grouse Cover Dog Trial.  She was the only dog to point and score a grouse of the 18 dogs entered.  We believe  this is the first Gordon placing in close to 20 years for this trial.

                                          LeSueur River Annie
                      LeSueur River Annie
LeSueur River Annie

Annie is heavily Springset bred.  She is a hard hunter and a natural retriever with good conformation. 

                                          LeSueur River Annie
                              Annie Retrieving
LeSueur River Annie Retrieving


Vera pinned one on the way back to the truck

Six month old littermates out of Vera




LeSueur River Hershey

Vera x Trapshooter Littermates



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